My Dad & Steffie

my dad in the hat & steffie not pictured

I woke up yesterday thinking about Steffie.

And today my dads’ headstone was placed.

I don’t know what took so long. It doesn’t matter.

Steffie was my dads’ patient. She had down syndrome and was maybe in her twenties when I met her. I think I was 7. My dad was coaching my soccer team and somehow it was arranged that Steffie would be the assistant coach. I don’t remember a conversation where my dad told me it would be happening, I just remember that it did.

We’d pick her up on the way to every practice and game and drop her off afterwards.

She always seemed happy to be there and I liked having her around.

My dad was teaching fifteen 7 year olds how to play soccer and must have thought to himself, yeah while I’m at it, I’ll also teach my patient with down syndrome to coach.

Meanwhile I get annoyed when someone asks to borrow a pen.

My dad was kind.

That’s for sure.